***Unfulfilled Journey***

This amatullah has been restricted to go, to the place where the soul yearns to flow,

The soul searches through those awoken eyes to see the closest house on earth to Jannah, Where Ibraheem and his son were commanded to build the house of AlmanaN,

It questions how much wrong it must have done, for it to be restricted to visit the grave of the blessed one,

To walk that path that he (salallaahu alayhi wa selem) walked upon, to touch the stone which he touched on

to see where he slept on those hard palm leaves, to see where he took his last breath between our Mothers neck and chest – such a perfect memory -

the greatest loss to ever hit the ummah, yet his message lives on through The Qur’an and Sunnah.

Having lost the best example sent to jinn and insaan, now we’re left alone to grapple with the fitan which decreases ones eemaan.

Thinking about the first khaleel who left his wife and baby son, at the mercy of the All Powerful and Merciful one.

The Bestower of Mercy , the Accepter of Repentance, the Guider of Hajar to walk those mountains,

Running back and forth seeking her child’s provision, but not giving up hope in the Creator of the Heavens

when suddenly she heard a voice so she cried “oh whoever you maybe be!! You have made me hear you have you got something to help me?”

Her Lord made her see an angel at the place of ZamZam digging the earth with his wing, this heavenly stream, which flows since then till the end of time when we shall see the Face of Al Muahymin

How many lips have drank, how many thirsts have been quenched, how many bodies have been cleansed – how many eyes have opened, how many hearts have cured… all by the permission of Allaah alone, so the numbers increase more and more

Yet this body still remains to feel the purity of that water, the sacredness of the place and the peacefulness upon ones face, the humbleness of the qalb, the steadfastness of eeman and a firm foothold.

Oh slave of Allaah how much have you desired, to be at the place where revelation first transpired.

How much time did he (salallaahu alayhi wa salem) spend, in the cave of Mouth Hira worrying about the downfall of the societies position, invoking Allaah to provide a solution and rectify the communities situation?

Shining the light of Tawheed upon the chests of the Mushrikoon, the mujrimoon and the dhalimoon. He did not despair and he never misjudged, the ayat of Allaah is persevered on the earth and in the al-Lawh al-Mahfooz

I want to pellet at Minna, I want to stone that shaytaan, I want to feel that regret earned with my own hands.

Don’t want to play games no more, don’t want to sin any more, don’t want live a life of disobedience for sure

So this Amatullah craves, to be at the place which is directly beneath the Baytul Ma3mur and to prostrate her face on the place known to be rawdatul jannah.

So she weeps and she cries, often wallows in her own self pity, waiting for her call to visit that city.

Balancing her scales to live between fear and hope, making dua3 tightening her rope, this rope of deen, which is maintenance to keep the soul clean,

Ya Allaah keep this soul alive until it has fulfilled the 5th Pillar,

Don’t allow her lowly desires and sins to kill her,

If You take her soul before then forgive it, and if You allow her to live then preserve it,

Let the Qur’an be the spring of her heart and the light of her chest, banisher of her sadness and the reliever of her distress.

Ya Rab take me out my own mess!

By: Amatullah (slave of Allaah)

This post is posted on Wednesday 26 February 2014.
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