Social bureaucracy, media conspiracy, right-wing philosophy, double standard photography- for all those jokers who wish to speak about Islam, you will be held to account!

And if you don’t fear accountability for your actions or speech by professing that you’re only expressing your individuality by limiting your sincerity, you mock ones Faith (Islam) to ones face (Muslims)! That’s only stunting your growth in morality, you’re fading away with reasonability, cutting rationality, accepting hypocrisy, feeding ignorant intellectuality and humouring the upper/middle class lunacies. 

I see the devil’s whispering (waswaas) have become a consistency in your life, you mistakenly see as prosperity, so you spend in show-money charity, fooling only the weak in perception who struggle to gain clarification because their desirability lies in material accumulation, wrapped up by the devils deception

So you fail in submission to the One to true creator (Allaah) deserved of all worship that’s the greatest form of unification, so why seek any other explanation from present-day false information? There is only one true revelation (Qur’an) for past, present and future nations.

Therefore contemplate on the purpose of creation (Tawheed), because one day you will face termination, then you’re faced with resurrection only to find out that your make- believe idol adoration was to the loss of your own soul!

And how you only added to corruption, aided the devils plan on-point with each execution but it will be too late for reflection because your book of deeds will be handed in your left hand, I assure you, you will get to see this day (Yawmal Qiyamah) by Allaah’s command.

Fear Allaah oh son of Adam! “hold yourself to account before you are brought to account”

By Amatullah (a slave of Allaah)

This post is posted on Wednesday 5 February 2014.
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